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Dejan Vanjek
Dejan VanjekCoordinator of the Expert Team

Head of Section for Multilateral Relations in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and parliamentary SEECP coordinator. Born 1975 in Sarajevo. He was the Head of Research Department in an independent NGO ACIPS Think-tank, Sarajevo, working on management of all segments of policy research – cycles, researches, analysis, advocacy events, project design, implementation, managing and evaluation, coordination of research team. He was Expert assistant and National Security Officer in Office for Cooperation with Interpol in Sarajevo, working on control of Interpol’s application’s usage on National level, occasional PR activities, mediating information between domestic and external law enforcement agencies, court and prosecution instances. He is PhD in Political Sciences (Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, 2013.), MA at the Program for Human Rights and Democracy (CIPS, Sarajevo, 2002.), BA of Philosophy and Croatian Studies (Croatian Studies, Zagreb, 2000.). He was the participant of the “Summer School of Federalism 2013” of the Institute for Federalism in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Josip Blažević
Josip BlaževićMember of the Expert Team

Freelance journalist and documentary films author, born in Mostar 1974. He graduated journalism in Mostar University. Acquired the significant experience as the journalist, Mostar correspondent and editor of several printed, electronic and online media, advisor for multimedia content; Board member of Radio – Television of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo) and Public RTV system of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo) 2001 – 2009; Board member of the Journalist Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo) 2004 – 2011.

Milan Sitarski
Milan SitarskiMember of the Expert Team

Born 1971 in Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated History at Belgrade University. Certified trainer for Policy Paper Writing with 29 trainings and consultancies in the Western Balkans (2004 – 2012) for around 600 direct beneficiaries. Coordinator of the Centre for Religious Studies (CIRel) of the Belgrade Open School 2004 – 2011. Editor of four policy papers on multi-sector cooperation of religious communities. Researcher and co-author of five books published after six researches of Internet users (2002 – 2007). Lecturer on the EU institutions, EU politics and regional Western Balkans political development. Lives in Mostar since 2011.

Ivan Vukoja
Ivan VukojaMember of the Expert Team

Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Croatian poet, sociologist and fine arts reviewer. Born 1969 in Ljubuški, Western Herzegovina County, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Graduated sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Croatia. Editor in Chief of the Magazine for Political Culture and Social Issues “Status”. His essays and articles are published in numerous scientific, literary and artistic publications. He is the member of the Society of Croatian Writers in Zagreb.




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